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Track of Words Rapid Fire Interview -Ghost Warrior

I answered some ‘Rapid Fire’ questions over at the Track of Words blog, about my new novel Ghost Warrior.

“Track of Words: Why this story? What made you want to write this in particular?

Gav: I love the eldar and the new Ynnari faction is taking the background into some very interesting areas. The chance to develop ideas for a concept – Ynnead – that I first threw down more than fifteen years ago was too tempting to pass up.”

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In search of the Blandford Warriors

Oct. 21st, 2017 11:30 pm
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Posted by Orlygg Jafnakol

I must admit to having always thought the Blandford Warriors range was a bit, well, crap. With that all important, at least to me, fantasy chic missing and a total lack of mutated chaosy gribblies I always considered them a dull range. Even when Wargames Foundry brought most of the figures back into production, I browsed past the figures with no more than minor interest.

How wrong I was! 

Perhaps it's a symptom of tipping my toe into the Bronze Age that I seem ever drawn towards the more unusual historical figures, as I find models with a realistic feel far more gratifying than the horrendously oversculpted CAD obsenities that seem to flood much of the toy soldier market these days. 

Now, if you are NOT in the know about the Blandford Warriors let me fill you in. The range was advertised in January 1988 and complimented the book 'Medieval Warlords' by Tim Newark. They were, of course, sculpted by the Perry brothers and sold in individual blisters for a while. 

Angus McBride, one of the greatest historical wargaming artists who ever lived, produced many of the illustrations the models were based on. You may well recognise his style even if the name doesn't ring any bells.

Take a look....

Sourcing the book was fairly easy, there are numerable copies on Amazon and eBay for next to nothing and having had a flick through its musty pages, the book looks pretty interesting. There are shortish essays concerning the figures in the range, each supported by a wealth of illustrative material, so they is plenty for the toy soldier enthusiast and military buff to dive into. 

Marcus Ansell donated one of the older Blandford Warriors moulds to my school, keen for the younger children to see how miniatures are produced. And having never seen a mould up close before myself, I was fascinated by the object as well.

As we were discussing how the mould slotted together, Marcus told me an amusing story about (and this is totally truthful) a number of 'serious' collectors had rung them up at the Foundry to complain/demand that they stop producing rarer figures such as the Blandford Warriors because it was reducing the price of their collections!!

Now I am sitting on a leadpile a mile high, and amongst its layers I do have a number of rarer figures. Even so, I would never dream of doing such a thing. I am all for the more unusal figures being brought back into production because it means that other enthusiasts can enjoy them without having to fork out ridiculous money online acquiring them!

In case you were wondering what metal models look like after they have been 'spun' in a mould, let me enlighten you. Here we have the full range of the Blandford historicals fresh from the casting pits, albeit with the 'Foundry' style bases. The reason for the removal of the classic 'slotta-base' is a simple one apparently; the historical gamers (who make up the bulk of the Foundry's customer base) won't buy figures with them on! 

Bryan went on to explain that he took with him a vast amount of material when he sold GW as he felt that the majority of the figures he had had a hand in creating would have been destroyed. The company belonged to him so he could do what he liked. Hence the vast collection of classic painted figures at the Foundry premises and the masses of vintage castings (some of which never saw the light of day) in his collection. 

You may notice that the Tuetonic Knight is absent from the Foundry website. That is because the master casting was missing in action when the range as brought back into production. That model has since been recovered and hence appears on the mould in my school's possession.

Collectors being the strange creatures that they are, have apparently moved on to buying up the now extremely rare 'plinth' bases you can see in the original flyer. Whether they use these to house the original slotta based models or the more modern castings is beyond my ken. 

If you are interested in the range, it can be purchased here

As I enjoy starting projects and never completing them, I have decided to start working my way through these models in the near future, just as soon as I have finished the final Time Warped Wizard from BOYL16! 

But which Warlord will I start with? Decisions... Decisions... 


Review Roundup

Oct. 21st, 2017 06:00 pm
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Posted by Polar_Bear

It’s Saturday. I’m hanging out in the bear’s den here. LGS has a huge tourney going on, so I’m just gonna hang out here. So it’s me, John Mulaney, and typing up the Review Roundup. Literally Netflix and chill (no innuendo). Everyone needs just some relaxed days occasionally. Anyway, as for the reviews…

Today we have: Deep-Cut Studios Print-O-Mat Service, Monster Lands, Clans of Caledonia, Hoyuk, Renown, AssassinCon, Azul, Charterstone, Great Scott!, Escape from 100 Million B.C., Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization iOS, Epic Monster Tea Party, Mortals, The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire, and Valley of the Alchemists.

Meeples & Miniatures:

Deep-Cut Studios Print-O-Mat Service Review

Over the last couple of year, game mats have become have become a common accessory for players of all sorts of tabletop games, be it Miniatures Games, Boardgames, Card Games or Role Playing Games, with neoprene backed mats (mousepad material) seen as the premium product choice.

Up until now, these mats have primarily been available as an out-of-the-box product with a fixed format – whether it be a terrain mat for wargaming, marked out pitch for a tabletop sports game or a cool picture for your card mat. Custom printed gaming mats were also seen as premium add-ons for many miniature-related kickstarter projects.

Deep Cut Studio have just launched a new service for printing custom gaming mats – Print-O-Mat.

Polyhedron Collider:

Monster Lands Kickstarter Review

Monster Lands is a bit of a tease. Its cartoon artwork and cutesy graphic design are nothing but a honey trap, luring you in with the promise of a cute game for all the family but you will soon come to realise that Monster Lands is a meaty grown up game of resource placement and second guessing your opponent. However, even that veneer is misleading because behind Monster Land’s euro game appearance is a game where the roll of a die can change everything.

In Monster Lands you must hire a group of mighty warriors to defeat fearsome monsters and conquer lands in the quest for glory and reputation. I’m not going to try and explain every rule and mechanic for Monster Lands, because believe me when I say there is a lot going on in this board game.

Clans of Caledonia Review

Clans of Caledonia is a Euro in the purest form. There’s no dice, little randomness and it’s all strategy. Your task is straightforward – sell your clan’s goods overseas for money and imported goods in order to score points to win the game. Of course, Clans isn’t that simple and there’s a myriad of other aspects to the game to earn its classification of medium euro. It’s certainly nowhere near as hefty as Ave Roma, but there’s more to it than Cavern Tavern. But Clans isn’t a worker placement – it’s actually an economic game with a couple of other elements chucked in.


Hoyuk Review

Hoyuk is a tile placement area majority game for two to five players. Players are leaders of ancient clans trying to be the most remembered tribe. The player with the most points wins.

Renown Review

Renown: The Game hopes to revive one such treasure. It is a reskin of Schnapsen, a once ubiquitous, primarily 2-player game in Austria that has fallen from its glory days. Renown: The Game implements a small tweak that ends up making a big difference, adds some play options reminiscent of contracts found in many other trick-taking titles and modernizes the classic with action cards.

At its core, Renown: The Game is a point trick-taking game with trumps. The main difference in play between it and its inspiration is that Schnapsen does not require players to follow suit until the stock (draw deck) closes or is empty. In Renown: The Game you must follow the lead card’s suit or play trump if otherwise unable to. If you have neither, then you may discard any card to the trick. The highest trump, or the highest card of the led suit, wins the trick and the winner leads to the next.

Board Game Quest:

AssassinCon Review

At the beginning of each round, players will get a random colored deck filled with A, B, and C movement cards and will determine which color assassin they will be playing this round. Players will then pass their target cards to the person on their right or left, and the round can begin.

Each turn of the game will have three phases that players will complete simultaneously. First, players will select a card from their deck for their movement that turn. If you are playing with any dummy players, add a card from their deck as well. The movement cards for this round will be shuffled to hide players’ identities. Players will resolve all movement for the six assassins on the board and then move to the elimination phase.

Azul Review

Azul is played over 5 or more rounds. Players will alternate turns taking tiles from one of the available factories or from the center pile. The number of factories scales with the number of players and each factory is populated with four azulejos tiles at the beginning of the round.

Charterstone Review

As this is a legacy style game, I’m only going to give you a brief overview of the rules for the first game (You can download a PDF here if you want more info). Any additional rules will be up to you to discover. The rulebook has space for 29 rule boxes, but you only begin with about half of those in play.

Charterstone is a worker placement game where the goal is to earn the most points each game, with a campaign winner being declared after the 12th game. Each player takes charge of one 6-plot charter in a shared village.

Great Scott! Review

The goal of Great Scott! is to amass the most points at the end of 3 rounds.

Each player will start with 6 Commendation cards. Players will then setup the 3 Concept Decks and split the Asset Deck into 2 piles. Players will select 2 cards from each Concept and Asset Deck, starting with 10 total cards.

Escape from 100 Million B.C. Review

Escape from 100 Million B.C. is a cooperative thematic adventure game for 1-4 players. It plays best with 3 players and for that player count it takes about 90 minutes.

Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization iOS Review

Through the Ages is a civilization-building game where players develop resources and technology, starting in Antiquity and going right up through the modern age. You can send your population to work, helping increase your production in food, resources, science and culture. While you do this, you must keep your happiness up to not incite a revolt. You must also maintain a strong enough military to combat other players.

theMCGuiRE review:

Epic Monster Tea Party Review

theMCGuiRE review takes a look at Epic Monster Tea Party a brand new game from Playco Games and currently on Kickstarter. In this game you play 1 of the 4 included monsters and drink hero’s in your cup of tea or smash them and take advantage of their unique abilities. So be careful to drink your hero’s when best positioned to or loose them in a spill!

Mortals Preview

theMCGuiRE review takes a look at Mortals Decent of the gods a new game coming to kickstarter from Partial Arc, pretty much now! This is a fun simple title that has great character design, funny real world items, doom clock, big bad guy at the end and all the minions and monsters along the way! You are trying to close all the seals before the round counter runs out or you will have to fight an ultimate evil. What I like about this title is the tactical decisions you have to make each turn and you really have to think it out or you will get overrun. It scales nicely with the board management aspect and battles are not as easy as they may look sometimes. Its also difficult sometimes to keep everyone alive until that final battle (unless you can close all the seals)!

Toucan Play That Game:

The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire Review

In this video you can find out my thoughts on The Godfather Corleone’s Empire by CMON.

The Valley of The Alchemists Review

In this video you can find out my thoughts on The Valley of the Alchemists by CreativeMaker LLC.

Night of the Living Lead 2017

Oct. 21st, 2017 02:28 am
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Posted by Orlygg Jafnakol

Ever wondered how to get around the problems of flying dragons? An upside down glass does wonders!

Hello once more and welcome to Realm of Chaos 80s. It has been sometime again, hasn't it? Truth be told there are no exciting and dramatic reasons while I haven't updated recently, it has been a simple case of having too much work to do during the week and the dreaded 'other commitments' during the weekend. Though, I can confess here to being a little distracted by Fallout 4 again, which I chose to start playing again at the end of the Summer Hols, and my meagre hobby time has been squandered on that.

Due to my poor showing on the blogosphere, I had been looking forwards to making the trip back up to the Wargames Foundry again for some time, and rather helpfully my friend Stuart Klatcheff was willing to drive the distance this time - giving me slightly longer at the event and less grief from the non-leadhead! 

So thanks for that Stuart! 

Journeys such as these, and the events that lay sandwiched in between them, have a funny old way of enlivening an interest in the participant. I suspected that a few hours with the Oldhammer Boyz would ensure plenty of inspiration for the coming winter months and the first half-term of the year (which is just around the corner).

As you would expect, I snapped a load of random photographs of the battle though I must confess to not really taking part in the event. I was far to busy socialising, but I do have an amusing little anecdote about Steve Casey's lovely 'alternative giants' and how I managed to encourage the GM's xenophobia for all things gigantic to pull off an amusing attack or two.

More about that later. As has become traditional, what follows is a long, long list of photographs that I took of Paul's little event with a little snippet of commentary from me. Hopefully, you discover something of interest within them and are inspired to do a little be of hobby of your own. 

The battlefield after the first move of the game. You can see my rather old collection of Khorne and Nurgle Realm of Chaos stuff down the bottom left of the frame. If I am being honest, I don't think they moved far from there all day. As you will have noticed we had A LOT of figures on the table (mostly elves from Chris' incredible collection) and WFB3 is a very long game when dealing with a game of this size. Needless to say... we never finished the game!

One thing that I always enjoy about the bigger battles are the massed ranks of troops arrayed in their martial glory. There was plenty to see on the table with loads of classic and not so classic models painted up. As you will have already no doubt noted, there was a large contingent of dragons fielded. Beautiful models all of them and they brought a certain elegance to our wargames table.

Matthew Street explains how best to hold a tinfoil wrapped sandwich to an awed fellow enthusiast. Note the neat little glowing lights inside the model chapel. I thought that this effect had been created by some electrical wire malarkey but upon further investigation I found out the illumination was provided by a couple of those cheap battery powered tea-lights you can buy in Lidl. It works though!
Never having been a chap satisfied by following the rules, we homebrewed some unlikely stats for a dramatic attack on Steve Casey's wonderfully painted 'alternative' giants. I invented some implausible missle assault and Paul, the GM, decreed that on a roll of a six my bazooka armed chaos dwarf would be able to hit one of Steve's giants in the face. Amusingly, I suceeded and the poor lanky soul was slain outright! Never be afraid to homebrew unlikely rules with comedy potential if you have access to an unbiased GM. 

Having sadly lost his sandwich in a tragic liquid-poly accident, Warlord Paul attempts to find sustenance by consuming his own hand while 'Elfy Chris' tries his hardest to ignore him. The glorious host of '80s elves belonged to Chris and you may remember our discussion about them during the BOYL17 coverage.

Real life Aragorn (though in certain quarters he is known as Cider) Thantsants mulls over how hard life is as a modern day ranger. Note the small bridge he couldn't help constructing (force of habit) to the far right. Only one guard rail? What would the health and safety boys say?

My big McDeath giant strikes a pose surrounded by girly elves.

As you would expect, the sight of so many old school models in close proximity was a glorious sight, if a little unwieldy to play with in such a short space of time.

Steve Casey looks serious as he launches his giants into an all out attack against my dwarfs.

Stuart Klatcheff, John Ratcliffe and Warlord Paul investiagate some of the weird and wonderful odds and sods from Bryan's collection. The small cardboard box contained castings of many of the original Rogue Trader Imperial Guard, Space Pirates and Adventurers sets. 
Bryan took me into the depths of Stoke Hall to explore some of his wargaming treasures, and despite the looming threat of an over excited (and rather large) dog, I escaped unscathed. Think ultimate 'wargaming man cave' and you have some idea what this room is like. 

Stuffed with all manner of toy soldier paraphernalia, walking around this room was like being plunged into an ocean of Citadel history. It would be impossible to describe the innumerable treasures to be beheld here; everything from original pieces of GW artwork, to early '80s castings and thousands and thousands of greens. 

There were trays of greens in various states of tinkering. Bryan spoke of his idea to do a Kickstarter project with some of these unproduced models at some time in the future. 

John Blanche originals and some curious masks from the Ansell family's many travels. 

Bryan was keen to show off his vast library of inspirational publications. I was struck by the depth of research and the varying influences that go into his designs. If the 1980s Design Studio was this rich with creativity (which I suspect it was) then it is no wonder that the range of figures produced back then were so special. Not a skull or spike in sight! 

The influence of 2000AD on '80s Citadel is well known, and Bryan still reads the graphic novels to this day. 

The room was full of half-finshed projects and various tinkerings.

Marcus Ansell talked us through many of the model buildings in the collection. It appears that there was once an entire scenic board which many of the buildings slotted into. Underneath the houses are labels that indicate who constructed the model, with Phil Lewis and Dave Andrew's name frequenting often. His recent 'mega-battle' post I shared a while back was an attempt to work out how these buildings fitted together. We discussed the famous 'Modelling Workship' articles in White Dwarf and it transpires that a huge amount of scenic material was built that never saw the light of day.
Unlike at BOYL, I had ample time to explore the new displays of painted models in Foundry's cabinets. These early '90s space marines caught my eye almost immediately. Gorgeous painting by Mike McVey, the colours still so vibrant after all of this time. 
Original Heroquest models. The master castings of these are lurking around the Foundry I have been lead to believe. I have always coveted that barbarian figure. 

Huzzah! My painted Were-Ansell preslotta figure shares shelf-space with vintage Citadel classics. My hobby life is complete!  

I am always interested in anything Realm of Chaos and this wonderful old figure caught my eye.

As did these memorable figures... These appeared in the Lost and the Damned and the two figures on the right are converted. Love the rust effect on that sword! 

The original Advanced Heroquest figures. I have always admired the shield designs on these figures and will one day finish my own versions of them. 

Could there be a more iconic Heroquest paintjob?

I had never seen these epic scale models painted up before. These had beautiful hues and looked resplendent alongside the older Rogue Trader orks. 

Lords of Battle and a hodgepodge of Rogue Trader pieces. 

I was glad to find these converted chaos figures. White Dwarf published a lovely 'Eavy Metal article about how to best convert chaos figures just after the publication of Slaves to Darkness. I was pleased to see that they had survived. 

Unreleased Citadel wizards from 1987. 

Some of the glorious handpainted banners in the Foundry's miniature museum. Note the Heroquest gargoyle hiding in plain site on the right hand side. 

Another glorious Realm of Chaos era conversion. 

More '80s era Realm of Chaos models with spanking banners. 

Blood Bowl figures from the second edition of the game. Can you spot any of the original Star Player figures in this photograph?

An Oldhammer favourite! The original Marauder Chaos Dwarfs.

When wizards were wizards, mate. Oh, and when clerics were clerics, too. 

Ghost Warrior

Oct. 21st, 2017 08:00 am
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Posted by Gav

Cover of Ghost Warrior by Gav Thorpe (Black Library)Ghost Warrior, the first book in my Rise of the Ynnari series, is available to order today in hardback and eBook.

There’s a short extract below to whet your appetite.

Concerning the Ynnari

Never trust a god.

You can be certain of one thing, if anything. Gods order the universe to their design and nothing else, and you can be sure that your wants and needs feature little in their agenda. For the aeldari, distrusting gods is in their nature, having been abandoned by one pantheon of godheads and destroyed by the birth scream of a deity forged from their own wanton excess. Such experience breeds caution if not outright contempt.

And of the gods that survived – excepting that ravenous maw of destruction known as She Who Thirsts – they are but a pale shadow of their former status. Khaine, shattered into little pieces of angry metal and scattered through the craftworlds. Cegorach, the supreme trickster, the Laughing God, dancing merrily through the webway just one step ahead of the predatory intent of the Great Enemy, plucking souls from his grasp as and when chance allows.

So imagine the towering hubris of not only serving a god in such times, but trying to create one.

You can read a longer extract over at the Black Library website.

Keep an eye on my blog this week for my Author’s notes, and an interview with cover artist Anna Lakisova. And if you’re heading to Warhammer World on the 28th October, I’ll be there 10am-1pm to sign copies of Ghost Warrior (or any other books you’d like me to deface).


“Still reeling from the advent of the Great Rift, and the ravages of the tyranids, the aeldari inhabitants of Iyanden are shocked when they receive a message from a long-lost craftworld. Missing for millennia, the craftworld of Ziasuthra has suddenly reappeared from its sanctuary in the warp, and its denizens wish to make contact.

Led by the Spiritseer Iyanna and Yvraine, the Emissary of Ynnead, a small force of craftworld eldar head to Zaisuthra to open negotiations with their brethren. Behind their surface desire to help, however, Iyanna and Yvraine have a stronger motive, they are seeking the final cronesword, which could lie hidden behind ancient web portal on this craftworld. But how co-operative will the mysterious Ziasuthrans prove to be, or do they too have their own agenda?”

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Posted by Polar_Bear

I have not yet seen the My Little Pony movie. I just don’t like going to the theater, honestly. I do want to see the flick, though, at some point. It’ll just be on Netflix in a couple months. By then, I also might be getting a copy of the official Tails of Equestria Movie Sourcebook for the RPG. River Horse has started taking pre-orders now for those over in Europe. Us North Americans will have to wait until Ninja Division gets their copies.

From the announcement:

Take your adventure far beyond Equestria’s borders with this: the first sourcebook for Tails of Equestria. Based on MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE, this book contains everything you need to bring new and exciting characters, locations, and stories to your Tails of Equestria game. With new player options and tons of Gamemaster info, The Official Movie Sourcebook is a fantastic way to expand the boundaries of your Tails of Equestria game.


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Posted by Polar_Bear

When the folks at Shades of Vengeance want to expand the Era: The Consortium universe, they don’t just give you one or two expansion books. They look to blow the doors wide open with as many expansion books as they can possibly manage. To do that, they’re running their 2nd A Universe of Expansions Kickstarter campaign. You all know my feelings on having more options for your games, well, this is that in spades.

From the campaign:

A year ago, we launched a Kickstarter and funded 8 expansions.

Today, we’re back! We’ve got loads more Expansion ideas, the same amazing team of veterans and a desire to expand this universe even further than before!

Join us!

The campaign’s up and running now. They’re roughly 2/3 of the way to their goal with still 37 days left to go.


Wyrd Friday Preview Posted

Oct. 20th, 2017 08:00 pm
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Posted by Polar_Bear

It’s Friday. So that means a couple things. Mostly, me being excited about the weekend. But it also means that it’s time for a new preview from Wyrd Games. They are continuing their series on The Other Side today with a look at the Empire Dragoons. Because a cavalry charge is still an effective way of dealing with enemies.

From the preview:

Friday is here at last! Everyone knows the reason people get so excited for Friday is the awesome Other Side previews they get! Today we take a look at the Empire Dragoon!


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Posted by Polar_Bear

Aristeia is not golf. It’s not curling. It’s not competitive underwater basketweaving. No. It’s full-contact. You’re going to be making attacks. But… how do those work? Well, in this preview, we get to find out.

From the post:

We have spent several weeks talking about the Aristeia! (how rolls work, how to move and how the actions are executed) and, unveiling bit by bit all that the new Corvus Belli’s board game has to offer. This week we want to talk you about attacking in the HexaDome.

It is time for combat!


Friday Snippets

Oct. 20th, 2017 06:00 pm
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Posted by Polar_Bear

It’s Fridaaaaaaaay! Gateway to the weekend! Woo!
My weekend is going to be chill. I mean… sure, as a polar bear, I’m always chill, but I’m just gonna hang out at home. I’ve actually been meaning to give the place a good cleaning. But next weekend will be full of gaming. That I guarantee. But gaming weekend or not, it’s good to fill up on some bite-size gaming stories.

On the platter today: New Guild Ball Tokens Available From Advanced Deployment, K-Cup Castle Dispenser and Dice Tower up on Kickstarter, and Wyrd Games Pumpkin Carving Contest Happening Now.

New Guild Ball Tokens Available From Advanced Deployment

New Goodies in the Store today!
I’ll be updating this album post as each set of items goes live!
Starting with: Farmers Guild!

K-Cup Castle Dispenser and Dice Tower up on Kickstarter

We are excited to launch K-Cup Castle – a 3d printed K-Cup dispenser that doubles as an excellent dice tumbler for your favorite tabletop games.
We’ve spent the past year perfecting the design and now look forward to bringing K-Cup Castle to counter-tops everywhere. Being hardcore gamers ourselves, our goal was to combine our love of single serve coffee and tabletop gaming all in one fantastic talking piece.

Wyrd Games Pumpkin Carving Contest Happening Now

The Get Gourd Carving Contest takes place between now and the end of October. To participate, you need to carve a gourd (like a pumpkin) with some Wyrd theme. Once you do, post a picture of it to Facebook or Twitter and tag us! As long as this is done before November, you’re entered in.

Up to 5 random entries will be drawn, each of which will receive a free Carver miniature. Wyrd will also vote internally on our favorite, and the winner will receive a Through the Breach Hannah miniature.

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Posted by Polar_Bear

Who likes getting things for free? Everyone, that’s who. This weekend, if you’re looking to try out some new sci-fi miniatures game rules, you should look no further than Ground Pounders. You can get a digital copy of the rules free from Amazon for this weekend only.

From the announcement:

From October 20th to 24th, Amazon is running a free promotion for the Ground Pounders rulebook. The models are inexpensive and the fast-moving rules easy to learn.

Pit your Federation ground forces against the Imperial Terran war machine on hotly contested colony worlds. Your weapons are state of the art, but it will take a sharp mind and tactical skill to win a battle with Ground Pounders!


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Posted by Polar_Bear

Pre-made adventures are great for GMs with a time crunch. I’m currently using one for a game I’m running. They give the players a lot of action and adventure and the GM can still play around with it as they please. For those playing the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games, a new adventure is now available that will take your group to the planet Dathomir, home to some Force artifacts that you’re looking to get. Check out Ghosts of Dathomir now.

From the release:

Ghosts of Dathomir, an all-new adventure for the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny roleplaying game, is on sale now in the Fantasy Flight Games online store and at your local retailer.

With the Jedi Order abolished and the Jedi all but extinct, now is a dangerous time to be a Force user. Seeking the remnants of Jedi teachings and chasing the whispers of artifacts while avoiding Imperial persecution would be difficult enough, but young Force adepts have to contend with the temptation of the dark side. Ghosts of Dathomir places you on the hunt for a statue rumored to have ties to the Force, ties so powerful that its discovery could lead you to a greater understanding of the Force… or to your annihilation.

The statue is called Tragic Hope, and it has popped up for auction on the Hutt-controlled world of Toydaria; of course, your party are not the only people interested in the artifact. A ruthless mercenary named Jerserra has left a trail of bodies throughout the Mid and Outer Rim territories as she builds up her crime network, and she seeks the statue with a fervor that suggests something personal is at stake. The Empire has their eyes on Jerserra, and Hutt spies are everywhere across Toydaria. Can you navigate the criminal underworld and escape unscathed to discover what ties this statue to the Force and learn how the dread world of Dathomir is involved?


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Posted by Polar_Bear

Sure, I know it says Gun Mage “Day” Sale, but those arcane sharpshooters aren’t satisfied with just one day. They’ve got the whole weekend. You can head over to the Privateer Press webshop and pick up various Gun Mage-related items all for a special price this weekend. Pewpewpew!

From the announcement:

The first annual Gun Mage Day is here! Save 10% on select Gun Mage products throughout store.privateerpress.com and read on for additional bundle offers available October 19 – 22!


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Posted by DreamHost

Man with glasses watching horror movie with hands coming out of TV set

It’s that magical time of year again when spooks and spirits abound. And what better way to celebrate the season than watching some scary movies with friends and family — or alone in the dark. Mwahahaha!


Evil laughter aside, horror films have a storied history, beginning in the silent era with stars like Lon Chaney and Max Schreck up until present-day hits like Get Out. Audiences can’t get enough scary cinema. And a common theme running throughout the genre?


Think about it: high tech and horror go together like tricks and treats. History’s horror catalog is filled with countless mad scientists, killer robots, and imaginative technologies that come with unintended — not to mention terrifying — consequences.

So armed with a bucket of popcorn and a fair bit of hubris, we decided to combine our love for technology (we’re a web hosting company, after all) and horror films to find out which ones deliver the biggest tech scares.

Fair warning: this isn’t a list of family-friendly flicks. Many of these are down-and-out, shock-and-awe, blood-and-gore horror films so use discretion if you’re screening around young ghosts and goblins, okay?

Now turn off the lights, grab a flashlight, and back up your website — it’s going to be a spooky ride.

Science Gone Mad

Our first category features films that revolve around a single scientist or scientific goal. These films definitively prove why clinical trials are a *very* good idea.

Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

Dir. James Whale — 1h 15m

In the sequel to Whale’s own 1931 classic, Frankenstein, a new mad scientist, Dr. Pretorius (Ernest Thesiger), shows up to continue Dr. Frankenstein’s work, who now wants nothing to do with his disastrous experiments. Pretorius finds The Monster (Boris Karloff) and promises him a mate.

What unfolds is an amalgam of creepy imagery, religious symbolism, and psychological games, as you realize, despite his brutality, The Monster is a deeply sympathetic character. Pretorius eventually does create a mate for The Monster — The Bride of Frankenstein (Elsa Lanchester) — and you guessed it: it doesn’t end well.

Fiend Without a Face (1958)

Dir. Arthur Crabtree — 1h 14m

The constant outpouring of nuclear power from a U.S. Air Force test facility causes one of the neighboring town’s retired scientists, R. E. Walgate (Kynaston Reeves), to covertly reroute some of the power to his own lab, where he’s secretly conducting telekinesis experiments.

Through these experiments, Walgate ends up inadvertently creating a race of invisible “thought” monsters that attack the townspeople and suck out their brains in order to multiply. These creatures are completely invisible for much of the film until they finally appear as slimy brains that slither around via their attached spinal cords. Suspenseful with an incredibly high “ick” factor, this film is a fantastic watch.

Altered States (1980)

Dir. Ken Russell — 1h 42m

Professor Edward Jessup (William Hurt) is an abnormal psychologist who experiments with hallucinogens in a sensory deprivation tank. By doing so repeatedly, he begins tapping into a previously undiscovered part of the human mind.

His wife, Emily Jessup (Blair Brown), desperately tries to calm him down from his infatuation with this alternate reality, but Edward insists that he’s about to find the next big breakthrough in the field of evolutionary science. The results of his obsession are very unexpected and truly horrifying.

Complete with disturbing hallucinogenic sequences and a mind-altering musical score, this film is one heck of a ride.

Re-Animator (1985)

Dir. Stuart Gordon — 1h 26m

Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) is a medical student who attempts to reanimate the dead using a special serum. During his experiments on both animals and people, he uses especially high doses that result in the subjects behaving insanely violent.

As West starts to become obsessively self-consumed, more bodies are reanimated and wreak havoc, and the film becomes an all-out gore fest.

Honestly, this has some of the most unique — and utterly disgusting — makeup effects in film history. It’s gross, irreverent, and funny.

From Beyond (1986)

Dir. Stuart Gordon — 1h 26m

Dr. Edward Pretorius (Ted Sorel) — yep, another Pretorius — and his assistant, Dr. Crawford Tillinghast (Jeffrey Combs), develop a device called the Resonator, which emits a frequency that enlarges the brain’s pineal gland allowing those within range to see a reality beyond normal human perception.

Pretorius becomes obsessed with the machine’s power and crosses over into a parallel dimension, leaving his lifeless physical body behind. Tillinghast and a new scientist, Dr. Katherine McMichaels (Barbara Crampton), conduct further research on the Resonator to discover what happened. What unfolds is a series of grotesque sequences and haunting visuals that scream 1986.

Tech Gone Awry

Each of the films in this category focus on a single type of technology. Someone should have QA’d this ish.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

Dir. Tommy Lee Wallace — 1h 38m

Conal Cochran (Dan O’Herlihy), the owner of a Halloween mask manufacturer, is gearing up for his biggest sale of the year. Meanwhile, Dr. Daniel Challis (Tom Atkins) is investigating a mysterious death that seems to be connected to the masks.

Unfortunately, detailing the technological aspects of the plot would spoil it for you, so you’ll just have to watch it. I promise it’ll surprise you.

Though audiences disliked this film when it was released (mainly due to the fact that it didn’t have anything to do with the series’ iconic antagonist, Michael Myers), it’s a uniquely interesting take on Halloween lore.

The Fly (1986)

Dir. David Cronenberg — 1h 36m

This remake of the 1958 classic film is centered around Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum), an eccentric scientist who is in the process of building a set of telepods capable of instantaneous teleportation. Veronica Quaife (Geena Davis), a science journalist, is invited to Brundle’s lab to document his process.

After several attempts with inanimate objects and animals, Brundle is convinced the telepods are ready for human trial and uses himself as the guinea pig, not realizing that a housefly snuck into the pod prior to the experiment. Brundle’s human DNA and the fly’s DNA become intertwined, and we witness his methodical and eventual transition into a human-fly hybrid.

Combining impressive effects with humorous and compelling performances, this film is a modern sci-fi horror classic and an absolute must-watch.

eXistenZ (1999)

Dir. David Cronenberg — 1h 37m

Allegra Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is a world-renowned video game developer, famous for her virtual reality games played on biotechnological VR gaming consoles that connect directly into human spinal cords. Geller demonstrates her newest game, “eXistenZ,” to a focus group where she is shot by a member of a counter-VR group called the Realists. Ted Pikul (Jude Law), a marketing trainee, rushes to her aid, and the two of them embark on a harrowing journey through what may or may not be part of the “eXistenZ” game narrative.

You’re never quite sure what is real or what is virtual reality, and that’s one of the reasons why this film is so darn compelling. It’s also inherently eerie and will leave you scratching your head — in a good way.

Pulse (2001)

Dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa — 1h 58m

Several people in Tokyo discover ghosts entering the living world — and consuming lives — via the internet. Well, that’s the simple explanation. Kurosawa weaves a complex narrative with a lot of plot points happening beyond what we see on the screen.

The themes of death, suicide, depression, love, isolation, despair, and hope are all present in the film. Let’s put it this way: this film will sit with you for a while. It’s easily one of the creepiest and most compelling horror films made in the last 20 years.

The Den (2013)

Dir. Zachary Donohue — 1h 21m

Elizabeth Benton (Melanie Papalia) is a grad student who is conducting sociological research on a video chat service called The Den. She ends up video chatting with a number of people from all over the world until she witnesses a live murder. After looking into the murder, the killer’s focus turns on her and her friends, resulting in a grizzly and unexpected series of events.

The entire film is made up of spliced together computer and phone footage, but this isn’t just another stale, by-the-numbers found-footage gambit. The suspense is palpable, and it results in a twist that is both surprising and terrifying. It’s an underrated horror gem.

Robots Gone Bad

Last but certainly not least, when it comes to thrills, these films focus on the dark side of advances in modern robotics and artificial intelligence.

The Stepford Wives (1975)

Dir. Bryan Forbes — 1h 55m

Joanna Eberhart (Katharine Ross) is a freelance photographer who moves from New York City to Stepford, Connecticut, with her husband Walter Eberhart (Peter Masterson), only to find that all of the women in the small town are vapid, seemingly contented housewives. Joanna befriends a fellow newcomer, Bobbie Markowe (Paula Prentiss), with whom she begins to unravel the sinister plot.

Joanna eventually realizes that the self-obsessed husbands of Stepford are replacing their wives with androids, programmed only to keep house and support their husbands implicitly. Though this social satire is soaked in transparency, it’s an entertaining and suspenseful viewing experience. Plus, the ending is a masterfully executed exercise in psychological chills.

Demon Seed (1977)

Dir. Donald Cammell — 1h 34m

Dr. Alex Harris (Fritz Weaver) is the creator of Proteus IV, a particularly advanced AI software that was built to solve the world’s biggest problems — think disease and famine. His wife, Susan Harris (Julie Christie), feels estranged from Alex, and the situation is made worse by Alex leaving her to focus more on his research.

Proteus IV becomes self-aware and motivated to procreate. Susan gets unintentionally caught up in the AI’s plan, and what follows is an experimental science fiction film that tests the boundaries of what is morally right and wrong. It’s a fascinating watch.

Alien (1979)

Dir. Ridley Scott — 1h 57m

Though this timeless sci-fi horror film primarily deals with the eponymous “alien,” one of the most chilling and unexpected parts of this film is the reveal of the AI character. For those of you who still haven’t seen it, we won’t give away exactly who it is. But trust me, it’s a solid twist.

After a commercial resource-gathering mission, Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and the crew of the spaceship Nostromo are returning to Earth when they intercept a distress call from the planetoid, LV-426. And that’s when the excrement starts hitting the fan at a methodical and spine-shivering pace.

The film does an immaculate job of familiarizing the audience with the social environment of the Nostromo crew, so when the android character is made known, it’s a very effective reveal. If you haven’t seen it already, do it. It’s a classic for a reason.

Chopping Mall (1986)

Dir. Jim Wynorski — 1h 17m

The Park Plaza Mall has recently installed a brand new team of high-tech security robots to patrol the complex at night and make sure there are no intruders. Unfortunately, a group of teenage mall employees is planning an after-hours party in the mattress store — if you know what I mean.

Of course, the security robots malfunction and go on a killing spree. This film is pure 1980s schlock at its finest. The acting is terrible, the action is laughable, but the entertainment value is 100. It’s a genuinely great piece of trash cinema.

Hardware (1990)

Dir. Richard Stanley — 1h 34m

Moses Baxter (Dylan McDermott) is a scavenger in a futuristic urban wasteland. He buys an old robot head off a mysterious trader and gives to his on-again, off-again lover, Jill (Stacey Travis). Jill installs the robot head to an android body that she’s already been working on — as one does. But soon, the robot develops a tenacious bloodlust and starts terrorizing everyone in its path.

Auteur director Richard Stanley is a controversial figure, admired by some and panned by others. The world he creates in this film is engrossing and admirably executed, but you’ll have to be the judge of whether or not this is cinema gold. For our money, it’s worth a watch.

Ready your website for the apocalypse with our downtime survival guide.

No, You’re Scared

Well, there you have it: 15 fun tech horror movies to watch this Halloween. Sink your claws into as many of these films as you like, and let us know in the comments if we’ve missed one of your favorites.

Here’s wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween! Just remember: technology can be a real killer.

— Reporting by Lou Beaudreau

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Man, space-janitors have all the cool gear. There’s a new laser cannon available for the Legio Custodes’ dreadnaughts over in the Forge World webshop. Oh how helpful that’d be after a football game… Also available to order is the huge Tau Tiger Shark. Having a problem with enemy titans? This’ll help.

On Taros, the T’au deployed a new variant of the Tiger Shark. Codified as the AX-1-0, this heavily armed Tiger Shark replaced its drone racks and ion cannon with two heavy rail cannon and a seeker missile array. These massive weapons, usually mounted on the far larger Manta, turn the Tiger Shark into a formidable ground-attack craft, capable of engaging and destroying super-heavy tanks and Titans.

Designed to cut through the air like a knife while deploying the kind of apocalyptic weaponry that no craft of its sleekness and efficiency really has any business wielding, the T’au Tiger Shark AX-1-0 is a complete multi-part resin kit. It features several modelling options – there is a choice of either long-barrelled cyclic ion blasters or burst cannon for the wing-tip drones, and the undercarriage can be modelled open or closed. Struts and landing gear are supplied for the open undercarriage option, and there are recessed areas sculpted into the underside of the miniature – should you wish to use magnets in order to switch between the open or closed undercarriage at your leisure, the space is there.

Fewer than a handful of Telemon Dreadnoughts are to be found within the ranks of the Legio Custodes. Rare is the foe who can stand against the array of esoteric, hand-crafted weapons that grace its chassis or the ferocious will and warrior skill of the master Custodian interred within.


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We’re moving into the last 1/3 of October. It’s certainly getting colder outside. I almost didn’t drive with the windows down this morning. But seeing as it’s almost time for trick-or-treat, Corvus Belli is giving us all a treat. Their October releases are now available over in their webshop.

From the post:

October releases now available at our online store & your FLGS!


Error'd: Legitimate Links

Oct. 20th, 2017 10:30 am
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Posted by Mark Bowytz

"Swedish...Russian...English....same difference!" wrote Fred.


Scott P. writes, "I had 6 right and 5 wrong on this online quiz, but apparently I did better than that, getting '10 out of correct'."


"I had to accept information while trying to modify a booking through the official Iberia Airlines app," Mario writes.


Ben S. wrote, "YouTube would like to... umm... do a sorta complicated thing, is that OK?


"So, do I follow the text box or do I follow the suggestion?" writes Chuk G.


Adam S. writes, "Do I smoke? ...Maybe?"


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Halloween: that glorious time of year when you’re officially allowed to make your friends jump out of their skin with your pranks. For those among us who enjoy dressing up, Halloween is also the occasion to go all out with costumes. And so, dear reader, we present to you: a steampunk tentacle hat, created by Derek Woodroffe.

Finished Tenticle hat

Finished Tenticle hat

Extreme Electronics

Derek is an engineer who loves all things electronics. He’s part of Extreme Kits, and he runs the website Extreme Electronics. Raspberry Pi Zero-controlled Tesla coils are Derek’s speciality — he’s even been on one of the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures with them! Skip ahead to 15:06 in this video to see Derek in action:

Let There Be Light! // 2016 CHRISTMAS LECTURES with Saiful Islam – Lecture 1

The first Lecture from Professor Saiful Islam’s 2016 series of CHRISTMAS LECTURES, ‘Supercharged: Fuelling the future’. Watch all three Lectures here: http://richannel.org/christmas-lectures 2016 marked the 80th anniversary since the BBC first broadcast the Christmas Lectures on TV. To celebrate, chemist Professor Saiful Islam explores a subject that the lectures’ founder – Michael Faraday – addressed in the very first Christmas Lectures – energy.


Wearables are electronically augmented items you can wear. They might take the form of spy eyeglasses, clothes with integrated sensors, or, in this case, headgear adorned with mechanised tentacles.

Why did Derek make this? We’re not entirely sure, but we suspect he’s a fan of the Cthulu mythos. In any case, we were a little astounded by his project. This is how we reacted when Derek tweeted us about it:

Raspberry Pi on Twitter

@ExtElec @extkits This is beyond incredible and completely unexpected.

In fact, we had to recover from a fit of laughter before we actually managed to type this answer.

Making a steampunk tentacle hat

Derek made the ‘skeleton’ of each tentacle out of a net curtain spring, acrylic rings, and four lengths of fishing line. Two servomotors connect to two ends of fishing line each, and pull them to move the tentacle.

net curtain spring and acrylic rings forming a mechanic tentacle skeleton - steampunk tentacle hat by Derek Woodroffe Two servos connecting to lengths of fishing line - steampunk tentacle hat by Derek Woodroffe

Then he covered the tentacles with nylon stockings and liquid latex, glued suckers cut out of MDF onto them, and mounted them on an acrylic base. The eight motors connect to a Raspberry Pi via an I2C 8-port PWM controller board.

artificial tentacles - steampunk tentacle hat by Derek Woodroffe 8 servomotors connected to a controller board and a raspberry pi- steampunk tentacle hat by Derek Woodroffe

The Pi makes the servos pull the tentacles so that they move in sine waves in both the x and y directions, seemingly of their own accord. Derek cut open the top of a hat to insert the mounted tentacles, and he used more liquid latex to give the whole thing a slimy-looking finish.

steampunk tentacle hat by Derek Woodroffe

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!

You can read more about Derek’s steampunk tentacle hat here. You’ll be able to see his project in the (oozing green) flesh at Maker Faire Derby next Saturday. Or, if you’re in the Nottingham area, why not drop by the Beeston Raspberry Jam in November — Derek will be showcasing his hat there too.

Wearables for Halloween

This build is already pretty creepy, but just imagine it with a sensor- or camera-powered upgrade that makes the tentacles reach for people nearby. You’d have nightmare fodder for weeks.

With the help of the Raspberry Pi, any Halloween costume can be taken to the next level. How could Pi technology help you to win that coveted ‘Scariest costume’ prize this year? Tell us your ideas in the comments, and be sure to share pictures of you in your get-up with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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We’re reading the last bit of October. I know the weather finally caught up here in Atlanta. So it’s a good time to have some October releases for your games. Certainly, Happy Games Factory thinks so. They’ve got their latest releases for Eden available now in their webshop. They’ve also got a quick note about their Essen plans.

About their participation at Spiel:

We will be at ESSEN SPIEL 17 (26 – 29 Oct) in Hall 2, booth number 2C130.

We would be delighted to meet you at ESSEN SPIEL 17 (26 – 29 Oct) in Hall 2, stand number 2C130.


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Well, civilization has come to an end again. Damnit, Todd! Now we’re going to have to use your cab service as vehicles of war to get across this nuclear desert while fighting off those that want to steal our resources. We’ll need to probably add spikes and blades and such, along with stocking up on shotgun shells. At least, that’s what you’ll be doing in Broken Axels, the new post-apocalyptic vehicle combat game from Fuel Injection Games. It’s available now.

From the announcement:

Broken Axles is a 15mm vehicle combat game that is fast and fun, where every dice roll has the potential to range from disaster to triumph. To move their vehicles, players will roll a number of Maneuver Dice, with each success converting into an action.

Rolling below the required result, however, causes a Mishap, which vary in intensity depending on the number of failures rolled. Will you play it safe and roll only one dice to shimmy into position? Or will you throw caution to the wind and roll all four dice provided by your growling V8 engine, and risk catching fire or blowing a gasket if you roll poorly? The same risk is attached to most dice rolls in the game.

Broken Axles is built on a rolling terrain system, where every vehicle on the table is assumed to be travelling at 40mph when stationary. As such, terrain often comes barreling through from one end of the table, and if you’ve positioned your vehicles poorly they may not have time to react, and as any seasoned road-veteran will tell you, driving into a rocky bluff is not considered a good idea.

The rules are available as a PDF, along with a supplement that details scenarios and warband composition. Broken Axles also features a range of vehicles, including starter warbands, transport vehicles and even a fearsome Battle Rig. Note that they are supplied unpainted and minimal assembly is required.


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Symbaroum, the dark fantasy RPG setting is full of monsters and other dangers for the players to come across. Which monsters? Well, that’s what they’re looking to fund with their current Kickstarter campaign. It is in 3 parts and aims to create a Monster Codex, a book of Adversaries, and a book of rules for creating the first two.

From the campaign:

Like most Symbaroum books, the Monster Codex will be built in three sections. Our ambition is to produce a bestiary which is much more than a listing of new foes for the player characters to fight (or run away from). We want the creatures featured in the book to contribute to the lore of the game world, and we want them to offer different kinds of challenges to the players and their characters.

The campaign’s doing well, being more than 4x funded with still 20 days left to go.


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Recently, Deep-Cut Studios started a new program where you can send in a photo and they’ll print a custom game mat for you. They sent out invitations for reviewers to get an early look at the service and give people their thoughts. I was one such reviewer selected, and since I’d been meaning to get a custom mat for a while, I jumped at the opportunity. So, let’s take a look at the custom printing service from Deep-Cut Studios in this TGN Review!

Starting off, Deep-Cut had wanted us to talk about the entire process for creating a game mat. For me, that started with trying to figure out what, exactly, I wanted. As many of you have seen, one of my favorite games lately is Guild Ball. So, I figured I’d get myself a custom Guild Ball pitch. Now, I am no artist. I am definitely no graphic designer. But I know people who are and so I contacted one of my good friends, NotDice, and asked if he could whip something up for me. A couple hours later and a bit of back-and-forth, I had my image ready (small aside, in payment for the design, my friend didn’t want money. No, he wanted cookies. So, I baked 3 batches of cookies and a pan of brownies as his payment. He seemed rather happy with the exchange. I was, too). Below is the image he came up with (shrunk down, of course, because otherwise the image file is huuuuuuuuuuuge!).

The process on the Deep-Cut website was actually ridiculously easy. There’s a spot where you upload your photo and… that’s really all there is to it. Just make sure it’s a .jpg (the site tells you this) and you’re good to go. You do get a preview of the mat that will be made, which was good, and everything seemed just fine. From there, it’s a simple matter of paying for your mat and finishing up your order.

The shipping estimate said that my mat would arrive in a week. Now, Deep-Cut Studios is in Lithuania. I have to admit, I had my doubts that the mat was going to make it from there to me in a week, especially when it took a couple days for it to get out of Europe. However, once it hit New Jersey, it literally took only 24 hours for it to be sent out for delivery. I must applaud UPS on this one. Well done.

So, how does the mat compare? Well, opening up the box and unrolling the mat, the quality seems good. The edges seem nice and clean. The printing is good. It’s got a good backing on it, and the fabric seems very-well attached to the backing (there was no peeling of the fabric off of the backing, for example). And I could tell my friend did a pretty good job with the mat. Anything that looked “off” I chalked up to the original design, rather than the printing, itself (like where the pattern obviously repeated itself in the grass). Checking the size, it’s a full 3’ square, as I’d ordered. Though, there was a little bit of issue with the lines on the mat. In the pictures below, I tried to get as close-in to some of the details as possible and still have at least some focus on the camera (I don’t exactly have a professional camera studio set up, mind you).

A Guild Ball field has rather precise lines on it for the deployment zones, the goal line, and where the goals are. I had sent my friend a list of where the lines were supposed to go, and he showed me that he had, indeed, put them in the right place. However, the lines on the mat were off by about .5” from the edges. So, for example, that makes the goals about 1” total further apart than they are on a normal Guild Ball pitch. Talking with my friend, he figured that was because Deep-Cut had stretched the image slightly to give bleed to the image. For those that don’t know, bleed is when a designer will make an image larger than it needs to be so that when a printer prints it and cuts it out, the cuts can be off slightly, but there won’t be white space around the edge of the image. Look at any punchboard of tokens from a game and you’ll always notice that the image for a token is bigger than where the cut is. That extra area around the cut is the bleed. The photos below are taken against one of the official Guild Ball mats directly from Steamforged Games.

Now, I have to say, that any mat that doesn’t have specific lines on them (say, a battlefield for a game like Warhammer or Kings of War or Warmachine), this won’t matter at all that the image is stretched slightly before cutting. But, in the case of games that do have special lines on them (Guild Ball and Blood Bowl, for example), your lines will end up being slightly off. The Deep-Cut site does have a disclaimer saying to expect a 1% possible change due to the stretchy nature of the material.

So, all in all, I’m mostly-satisfied with my mat. Are the lines slightly off? Yes, and that’s certainly an issue if you want to make sure your mat is 100% precise (for a game that uses pre-printed lines on the mat). Will I still use it for Guild Ball games? Sure. I mean, yes, the game is a game of inches and it’d suck to find out you’re .5” away from a goal you might’ve been able to score, but .5” isn’t godawful. Is it perfect? No. If mat hadn’t had those lines on it, I wouldn’t’ve been able to tell that anything was amiss.

In the end, if you have a photo you’d like to use to make your own, custom game mat, I highly recommend Deep-Cut’s new service. However, beware if you want specific lines on the mat, as they could potentially end up slightly warped due to the stretching for bleed.

Thursday Terrain Corner

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We’re making our way through the work week. The weekend is coming soon. A little more and we’ll make it there. And with the weekend (hopefully) comes gaming. I know my LGS is going to be packed, with 2 different tourneys going on. And you know the tables are going to be looking good. So, let’s get your gaming table looking just as good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Starfleet Deck Tiles Available From Modiphius, Tabletop Scenics Now Open, Custom Mat Printing Now Available From Deep-Cut Studio, and Heroic Maps – Storeys: Hadeshill Abandoned Asylum Now Available.

New Starfleet Deck Tiles Available From Modiphius

This gaming tile set is a PDF containing 32 interchangeable 240mm square and 120mm by 240mm map tiles of Federation starship interiors.

Rick Sternbach has joined the Star Trek Adventures development crew. Sternbach (Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, Haynes Klingon Bird-of-prey Owner’s Workshop Manual) served as senior illustrator and technical consultant on The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager television series and has been consulting with Modiphius Entertainment on the development of the geomorphic tile artwork and deck plans. The interchangeable deck tiles combine in hundreds of ways and along with the official Star Trek Adventures miniatures help create exciting missions on your tabletop.

Tabletop Scenics Now Open

I have a big news today !
We have new products to offer you in our online store.
Tabletop Scenics is a new brand of Polish tabletop miniatures company Kromlech, dedicated to bring most innovative, highly-detailed terrain, basing kits and accessories for every tabletop battle game.
Over the last few month we were working on the best HDF terrain you can imagine and technology allow us to produce 🙂
The first group of products are called Orkenburg, Orc Junk City.
That line of products offer you ramshackle orc barracks, bastions, bunkers, watchtowers and many fortifications in the form of Skargruk Line surrounding the city of Orkenburg.

Custom Mat Printing Now Available From Deep-Cut Studio

Grand news today! From now on you can have a mousepad game mat with ANY picture you can think of. Print-O-Mat, a simple to use website form, will handle your imagination and will deliver the mats in size from the tiniest cup pads to the 4×6 feet battlefields. A card game mat with your favorite character or scene? A battlefield for dedicated wargames scenario? A board for your created tabletop game? Yes, sir! Print-O-Mat is here for all your needs

Heroic Maps – Storeys: Hadeshill Abandoned Asylum Now Available

Bad things happened at Hadeshill Asylum. Very bad things. People were content not to ask questions, and just stopped going near the place once the screams had stopped and the leaves built up on the path. But the dead don’t stay quiet for long.

A set of printable battlemaps compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset.

Contents: A set of three 20 x 20 maps depicting an abandoned asylum. The rooms of the ground floor are ruined, with blood stains and haunted scratches on the floor, and ransacked bookshelves. The 1st floor is similar, where furniture has been used, unsuccessfully, as a barricade against whatever terror stalked the asylum. The basement, where the patiets were tortured, is the most horrific, with pools of blood everywhere.

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Right now, It is one of the most-popular things going on out there. It‘s the story of a group of kids going out and defeating a vile monster. And then you’ve got things like Stranger Things, that people are excited about the upcoming season. Well, if you’re wanting to bring that sort of setting to your gaming table, you can check out The Monster Hunter’s Club. It’s a setting book for Savage Worlds that lets you play around in such a universe. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Monster Hunters’ Club is a licensed setting for the Savage Worlds Roleplaying Game set in the 1980’s and inspired by kids’ adventure and horror films, television, and novels like E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, The Goonies, The Monster Squad, The Lost Boys, Fright Night, It, Super 8, Stranger Things, and many more. Players take on the roles of children, growing up in the 80’s, who become heroes.

The campaign’s about 2/3 of the way to their goal with still 28 days left on the clock.


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Well… I do often lament that there’s occasionally a lack of diversity when it comes to themes in games. Then along comes Butts in Space, where you’re looking to get back the toilet paper that’s been stolen from your now-destroyed toilet ship. I have to admit, it’s different. It’s also based on an app game of the same name (which, I have to admit, I’ve never played). So, if you’re in to butt stuff … … … you can check out this Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Butts. In space.

What more could you ask for?

Evil Butt has stolen all of the toilet paper in the universe and destroyed your toilet spaceship. Play as Bow Butt, Hairy Butt, Classy Butt, and Butt Butt as you try to collect more toilet paper than your friends before your spaceship is repaired.

For 2-4 Players. Ages 8+. Playtime 30-60 minutes.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It’s set to go for another 24 days.


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Posted by Polar_Bear

The social world can seem much like a game. You’ve got the various connections you make with others, that can form or break over time. Well, Pelta Games has decided that if social groups can be thought of as a game, why not turn it into one? That’s what they’ve done with PeltaPeeps. You can pick up your copy now, with a special introductory price.

From the announcement:

We are excited to announce our tabletop strategy game- PeltaPeeps has launched and is now for sale on Pelta Games/shop with a 25% discount. Please use LAUNCHPROMO coupon in your cart.

Loosely based on gender and neural networks, PeltaPeeps combines making and breaking connections and shifting strategy to go eye to eye with other player peeps.

Pelta Games Website

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Posted by Stefanus Hadi, Ph.D.


While the website hosting industry was still in its infancy, many businesses and personal sites owners were advised to avoid retaining their website hosting and domain registration under the same provider.

One of the main reasons was to reduce a service provider’s monopoly over a company or someone’s online presence — like their web address and website content.

For example, if users placed both their website and domain services under the same provider, but forgot to pay their hosting fees, the most likely repercussion would be their websites going down until their bills were paid. The situation worsened in the event of a prolonged billing dispute since users generally could not transfer their domains to a new registrar until the issue was resolved.

However, if users had a different domain registrar than their website hosting provider, even if their bills were unpaid, they could easily forward the domain to a new site or sign up for a new website hosting service.

The Benefits of Separation Back in the Day

Companies who let their domain names expire have always caused panic. For instance, in the late 1990s, Microsoft forgot to renew Passport.com that tied into Hotmail email services, resulting in a major disruption for users.

During the early days of the internet, we could still accept excuses due to human negligence, especially as not every person was well-versed in managing multiple providers of domain names and website hosting. Furthermore, many domain registrars enforced very strict rules of no mercy when a customer’s domain name expired.

However, even today, tragedy can occur.

This summer marketing software giant Marketo.com forgot to renew its domain name at Network Solutions. In the wee hours of July 25, the Marketo.com website disappeared from the internet, while millions of client emails and tracking links ceased working. This was a disaster for a company that has a market value of about $2 billion.

Luckily, one of Marketo.com’s clients voluntarily renewed the expired domain name with his own credit card and tweeted the invoice to the company. The site returned to normal before noon on the same day.

Today, Together Is Better

Today, there are numerous reasons why users should keep website hosting and domain registration under one roof — and not just to avoid Marketo’s mistake.

But don’t take it from us. Listen to our customers.

In June 2017 we surveyed 1,775 customers who had successfully transferred a domain registration to DreamHost. We had 184 responses from around the world, which represents a more than 10 percent response rate. From the responses, we were able to identify several key reasons why our customers wanted to keep their web hosting and domain registration under one roof.

1. One Account

One of the most important questions we asked was why our customers decided to transfer their domain registration to DreamHost. More than 60 percent of the customers surveyed responded that it was the ability to manage several websites and domains under one account.

Turn trash into treasure — or at least cold, hard cash — with our guide to valuing domains.

2. Good Price

Over 56 percent of survey respondents selected “good price” when asked why they decided to transfer their domain registration to DreamHost. Purchasing a domain and website hosting together can save some money since many providers provide free domain registration to hosting customers. If users manage several websites, it can be a saving of hundreds of dollars per year if you bundle the two services together.

Didn’t buy your domain with DreamHost? It’s easy to transfer your registration.

3. Easily Upgrade to Website Hosting

Another 26 percent of survey respondents selected “easily upgrade to website hosting” when asked to explain their decision. We take that to mean that our customers plan on expanding their web presence, and keeping their domains close to quality hosting plans is a strategically sound move.


As we mentioned earlier, sometimes a domain registrar can damage an established business reputation due to an expired web address. The best solution: keeping domain names and website hosting services in one account.

Remember, always pick a reputable service provider, such as DreamHost. We’re an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and have been in the hosting business for 20 years.

Find your perfect TLD today — DreamHost offers 400+ domain extensions!

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New Stuffed Fables Preview Posted

Oct. 19th, 2017 02:00 pm
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Posted by Polar_Bear

The game of Stuffed Fables puts players in the role of plushie heroes, looking to keep their little girl they belong to safe at night. But who is this little girl? We get a bit of a preview of the dreamer in this preview.

From the post:

The Little Girl

In Stuffed Fables, players take on the role of a stuffed animal who comes to life at night to protect a little girl from the dark forces that would meddle with her sleep, but who is this little girl and what is her story all about? Let us take a look…

Each story in the Stuffed Fables AdventureBook, represents a milestone night in the little girl’s life. These are nights where sleep may be challenging, such as the first night sleeping in a big kid bed without the crib for protection, or the first night sleeping without a diaper, or the night before the first day of school.

It is on these nights that Crepitus, the King of Nightmares, likes to send his minions to scare a child. Children’s tears give him power, but what Crepitus doesn’t count on is the loyalty and diligence of the team of heroic stuffies who guard this particular child.


N O D E’s Handheld Linux Terminal

Oct. 19th, 2017 01:48 pm
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Posted by Alex Bate

Fit an entire Raspberry Pi-based laptop into your pocket with N O D E’s latest Handheld Linux Terminal build.

The Handheld Linux Terminal Version 3 (Portable Pi 3)

Hey everyone. Today I want to show you the new version 3 of the Handheld Linux Terminal. It’s taken a long time, but I’m finally finished. This one takes all the things I’ve learned so far, and improves on many of the features from the previous iterations.


With interests in modding tech, exploring the boundaries of the digital world, and open source, YouTuber N O D E has become one to watch within the digital maker world. He maintains a channel focused on “the transformative power of technology.”

“Understanding that electronics isn’t voodoo is really powerful”, he explains in his Patreon video. “And learning how to build your own stuff opens up so many possibilities.”

NODE Youtube channel logo - Handheld Linux Terminal v3

The topics of his videos range from stripped-down devices, upgraded tech, and security upgrades, to the philosophy behind technology. He also provides weekly roundups of, and discussions about, new releases.

Essentially, if you like technology, you’ll like N O D E.

Handheld Linux Terminal v3

Subscribers to N O D E’s YouTube channel, of whom there are currently over 44000, will have seen him documenting variations of this handheld build throughout the last year. By stripping down a Raspberry Pi 3, and incorporating a Zero W, he’s been able to create interesting projects while always putting functionality first.

Handheld Linux Terminal v3

With the third version of his terminal, N O D E has taken experiences gained from previous builds to create something of which he’s obviously extremely proud. And so he should be. The v3 handheld is impressively small considering he managed to incorporate a fully functional keyboard with mouse, a 3.5″ screen, and a fan within the 3D-printed body.

Handheld Linux Terminal v3

“The software side of things is where it really shines though, and the Pi 3 is more than capable of performing most non-intensive tasks,” N O D E goes on to explain. He demonstrates various applications running on Raspbian, plus other operating systems he has pre-loaded onto additional SD cards:

“I have also installed Exagear Desktop, which allows it to run x86 apps too, and this works great. I have x86 apps such as Sublime Text and Spotify running without any problems, and it’s technically possible to use Wine to also run Windows apps on the device.”

We think this is an incredibly neat build, and we can’t wait to see where N O D E takes it next!

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CodeSOD: Abstract Test Case

Oct. 19th, 2017 10:30 am
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Posted by Remy Porter

A great many breakfast cereals promise some sort of health benefit. This brand is good for your heart, that brand has 11 essential vitamins and minerals. This one’s got bran! Just because there’s a promise of health benefits doesn’t mean they actually exist- most of these cereals are lightly fluffed sugar held together with a smidge of starch.

Object-oriented languages promise a lot of code-health benefits, and used properly, they can certainly deliver. In this somewhat tortured metaphor, the Lucky Charms marshmallow of OO features is Inheritance. It’s tasty, it’s easy to explain, but it’s not really good for your code. A little bit, here-and-there, from time-to-time is great. But some folks buy the three pound bag and that’s just not good for anybody.

Daniel took over some code left behind by a retiring co-worker. The code was seeded through with abstract classes- though, because this was Python, “abstract” was more of a convention than a statement of fact. This predecessor took abstraction to its “logical” conclusion, and when testing abstract classes, they wrote abstract tests:

class TestAbstractDriver(unittest.TestCase):

    """Test case docstring."""

    def test_name(self):
        pass # for those not familiar with Python,
            # "pass" is how you write a method with no implementation

This code was followed by AbstractDriverTest, which inherited from TestAbstractDriver and actually implemented the test.

[Advertisement] Universal Package Manager – store all your Maven, NuGet, Chocolatey, npm, Bower, TFS, TeamCity, Jenkins packages in one central location. Learn more today!
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It was a pretty big announcement when Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop parted ways. At the time, it seemed as though it was going to be Games Workshop that was going to be making all of their board games. But we’ve just gotten a new announcement from WizKids that they are now partnered with Games Workshop and will be making new board games and products based on GW’s properties.

From the post:

WizKids, the leader in high-quality pre-painted miniatures and established board games, today revealed a multi-year partnership with acclaimed fantasy miniatures company, Games Workshop. The new partnership will extend the Warhammer 40,000 universe IP across multiple categories, including, Dice Building Games™, board games and more!

“We’re thrilled to be working with Games Workshop and the Warhammer 40,000 license,” said Justin Ziran, president of WizKids. “This beloved franchise is known the world over and our partnership will allow us to create amazing products and experiences for fans everywhere.”

The multi-year deal will span numerous categories and include the most iconic Warhammer 40,000 characters and more. WizKids will create two new board games, along with dice games based in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, with additional plans to republish classic board games Fury of Dracula and Relic.

WizKids will begin rolling out the new product lines in mid 2018.


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Posted by Polar_Bear

Fightlings is a new, hybrid card game that’s up on Kickstarter. For starters, you make your own deck of 17 cards and shuffle it together with your opponent’s deck. The cards are then set out on a grid and you must try and make matching pairs of cards. When you do, you can take that creature and now control them to attack your opponent. The last player with any HP is the winner. So it’s a bit Memory and a bit Magic. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Fightlings is a hybrid of classic pair-matching games and modern card battler mechanics. The result is a unique living card game that rewards memory, planning, and adaptability.

It features tons of different Champions, Fightlings & Minions, a big bunch of tokens and loads of fun.

The campaign is up and running now and is set to go for another 28 days.


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Posted by Polar_Bear

Vikings are pretty much one of the world’s best-known souvenir-hunters. They’d head out, find a nice spot, then grab a couple trinkets to remember the trip by (if you consider “everything of value that wasn’t bolted down, and even then, that’s not a guarantee” to be “a couple trinkets to remember the trip by”). Soon, you’ll have new places for your vikings to explore in A Feast for Odin, as Z-Man Games has announced the first mini-expansion for the game.

From the announcement:

In their day, the Vikings were known throughout the world as strong seafarers and renowned explorers. They led expeditions far and wide in search of new resources and territories, even reaching North America long before Columbus.

Driven by crop shortfalls in their native lands, the Vikings took to the sea to seek out these new lands and their bountiful resources. They then led raids to capture these resources and secure a financially stable position in society.

Now you can boldly seek out new lands as you build your fortune with the first mini-expansion for the critically-acclaimed A Feast for Odin!

This mini-expansion introduces two new exploration boards into A Feast for Odin, providing more options than ever before. Send your Vikings to the archipelago of Lofoten, the Orkney Islands, or as far south Tierra del Fuego and discover all-new possibilities that await there.


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Posted by Polar_Bear

Award Winning Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Demons: The 9th Circle of Hell Unleashed. The game is a card-based game where players are… well, it’s kinda there in the name. Demons from the 9th circle of hell are on the loose and you’ve gotta deal with that. The game is highly customizable in terms of what you’re going against, letting you play over and over again without ever facing the same waves of enemies twice. It’s up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Key Features:

A high fantasy in-depth adventure for gamers and non-gamers alike.1-8+ players best with 2-6. Playtime: Customizable -Standard game is 60-90 minutes otherwise.

50 unique instances to explore, all with their own story and game dynamics. A real adventure in a box! Your adventure will include, but is not limited to: Angry Yeti’s, Fire Breathing Spider Kites (see Jorogumo, the Yokai from Japanese mythology), and a whole plethora of horribly gruesome ways to die.

Takes less than 5 minutes to set up and learn.

Unlimited re-play value! The starting keeps will change your opening play style, the random instances really mix up the middle, and the demon lord changes the end goal, story, and win conditions. A high fantasy adventure that will keep you coming back for more.

Also including some of the most horribly interesting traditional demons from history! There’s even one that comes in riding a crocodile carrying a hawk! …sadly the crocodile does not have laser beams on its head.. Yet. Stay tuned for the next expansion! Agares 2.0

Semi-competitive or Cooperative. Can be played semi-competitively (Kind of like Gimli and Legolas during the Battle for Helms Deep) Or full on co-operatively.. where if your teammate is not doing well.. you should probably help them or you’re all probably going to die.

It’s customizable. You can make it harder or easier, longer or shorter, and expand it as you see fit and even change up the rules to give the game a different feel. So stay tuned for lots of great extras. I’m even currently working on a way to extend your campaign, so after you beat back the forces of hell and save the world.. you can push through the gate into the fiery underworld and bring the fight to them!

The campaign’s about 1/3 of the way to its goal with still 13 days on the clock.


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Posted by Polar_Bear

Most of the time, when you think of goblins, you think of a fantasy setting. Orcs, elves, forests, dwarves, that kind of thing. Such is not the case in Gobblin‘. Instead, you’re taken into a post-apocalyptic world. Think Fallout meets Tolkien. In this new RPG, you play as a goblin looking to survive in a world that’s been utterly devastated. Will you be able to make it out alive? … probably not. You’re still a goblin, after all. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Gobblin’ is an original RPG setting and system where players control goblins settling and exploring a post-apocalyptic Earth. The creatures who crave violence, stupidity and chaos have just found the perfect means to obtain it.

Everyone knows about goblins. They’re violent and stupid little green guys who with just enough brain cells to know what they’re doing and black enough hearts not to care. They live in fantastic worlds where wizards battle dragons, kingdoms rise and fall, and armies of swordsmen clash to save the world from evil. All the while, there’s always goblins looting corpses and stealing cabbages.

When the higher races grew tired of the chaotic creatures so obnoxious that even the forces of evil didn’t want them around, they banded together to form a spell so powerful that it would reach across the entire realm. With what was essentially a magical, interdimensional eviction notice, every single goblin was hurled through time and space until they landed in what they would come to know as their new home. There were no humans or elves there, but those that had lived there before had left behind a strange world ravaged by war. The least cowardly of the goblins started to prod at the mysterious devices until they roared to life and the goblins cheered to realize their fate!

This world had guns and cars, bazookas and robots! Things that exploded if you poked them enough! Exciting mutants and bombed out apartments that were MUCH cozier than any goblin hut. The goblins had a whole world of abandoned toys to discover, many of which could kill their fellow goblin from twenty paces away. The goblins ran wholeheartedly into their new world, wanting to be the first to discover the strangest mysteries, deadliest weapons and tastiest expired snack cakes of the world they would call Goblin House. The humans were gone from this place. The goblins would thrive in their ruins.

The Kickstarter is about 2/3 of the way to their goal with still 23 days left to go.


Midweek Snippets

Oct. 18th, 2017 06:00 pm
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Posted by Polar_Bear

Halfway there.
We’re halfway to getting back to the weekend. Methinks I’m going to take it easy this weekend. I found out my LGS is going to be absolutely packed with several events running for games I don’t really play, so I’ll probably just veg at my place. I could use a relaxing couple of days, anyway. Though it does mean I still need to wait to break in my custom Guild Ball mat (more on that tomorrow. Stay tuned). In the meantime, I’m feeling a bit peckish, so how about noshing on some bite-sized gaming stories?

Today on the platter we have: New Options For Really Useful Box Storage System From Sally 4th, Statuesque Starport Able Spacewomen Now Available, New 3mm C-130 Hercules at PicoArmor, New Orc Hand Grenades Available From Kromlech, Impact! Miniatures D3 to D30 Dice Chains on KickStarter now with Cotton Candy dice, 3D Printable Tanks Up On Kickstarter, and Fantasy Stock Art & RPG Minis Up On Kickstarter.

New Options For Really Useful Box Storage System From Sally 4th

Trays and inserts to convert your Really Useful Boxes into really useful figure and games storage. Trays stack on top of each other inside RUB’s to increase storage capacity. Inserts for popular figure bases fit inside trays. We’ve got a range of trays with cut outs so that you can store whole games like Zombicide, Conan, Mansions of Madness etc. in a single box complete with game boards, rule-books, miniatures, cards and tokens.

These conversion kits take a Really Useful Box to the next level of usefulness! They allow multiple layers of figures or other gaming products such as cards, dice, scenery or tokens to be stored safely and securely, each layer also being easy to lift out. This MDF kit is very easy to assemble and only needs some wood glue.
The space inside a tray allows for two inserts to sit snuggly side by side. The idea behind this is that you can have two different inserts per layer.

Statuesque Starport Able Spacewomen Now Available

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of two new figures for the Statuesque Starport range. Today, the Able Spacewomen join their male colleagues in the Starport!

Able Spacewoman 1 is available as a New Release Special Offer for only £4.

Able Spacewoman 2 is available as a New Release Special Offer for only £4.25.

Alternatively, you can get both figures in the Able Spacewomen Special Offer for only £7.75, saving £1 over the regular prices.

Finally, you can get all four Able Space-persons in The Deck Department with a New Release Special Offer price of only £15.50, saving £2.50 over the regular, individual prices!

These offers will run until Sunday the 5th of November, or while stocks last

New 3mm C-130 Hercules at PicoArmor

We are proud to announce our first custom miniature, the venerable C-130 Hercules. This is currently available only at PicoArmor.

We’re also offering model specific decals (as shown) and propellers.

New Orc Hand Grenades Available From Kromlech

let’s greet new week with new Orc release 🙂
Orc Hand Grenades
If you prefer you can also use them as hand weapons and if by accident they will blow off, well maybe there will be more carnage to be proud of 😉
This set contains 14 high quality resin Orc Hand Grenades. There are 7 different designs and you get two of each.

Impact! Miniatures D3 to D30 Dice Chains on KickStarter now with Cotton Candy dice

Impact! Miniatures is running a KickStarter allowing them to complete dice chain sets for RPG games to use to design new mechanics. D&D standard Poly 7 sets and DCC 14 dice sets are offered as well.

The project is funded and 3 stretch goals have been reached to unlock extra free dice to backers as well as a true D3 and a new color style of dice called Cotton Candy.

The dice sets are offered in multiple configurations and all are being offered for less than the planned retail price for after all backers have received their rewards. This is Impact! 4th dice KickStarter with all 3 previous being delivered to all backers.

Full sets of all 25 dice being offered are $36 each for opaque colors and $45 each for specialty colors like Glow in the Dark. Project ends on October 26th.

3D Printable Tanks Up On Kickstarter

A new Kickstarter campaign launched by 3D Wargaming brings high-quality tank miniatures to your home 3D printer. Just print the kit, assemble the model, and presto—a perfect T-34, Sherman, or Tiger, no smoothing required.

We tend to think that affordable personal 3D printers lack the resolution to produce anything beyond terrain, but 3D Wargaming has managed to design high-quality tank kits that print well even on low-end printers. The secret? A clever technique called Face Optimization, which makes sure only smoothly printed faces are visible in the final model.

“Face optimization: All 3D printers create objects by stacking layers of materials. This means that faces that are printed horizontally and near-vertically will always have a great finish, even when printed at low resolution on a low-end 3D printer. We simply took advantage of this property of 3D printing by designing our Printable Kits so that, once assembled, the only visible faces are the ones that were printed in those two optimal orientations. That’s why our models look so good!”

The method has allowed some truly impressive results, as the pictures on their Kickstarter page show. All the models were printed at 100 microns, without any post-processing at all. And if historical tanks aren’t your thing, they’ve also got an impressive collection of articulated sci-fi models.

The Kickstarter has some exciting stretch goals too, including some more exotic models like the E-100, an experimental Nazi supertank, and the Elephant tank-destroyer.

3D Printable Tanks is live on Kickstarter for the next 30 days.

Fantasy Stock Art & RPG Minis Up On Kickstarter

James Shields loves creating custom stock illustrations.
He’s been doing it for years as a way for independent game designers to bridge the difference between stock illustrations and commissioned artwork.

…but what is custom stock art?

For him, it is a crowdfunded collaborative effort to create artwork from submitted ideas.
Every backer gets to submit ideas to be illustrated and they get the benefit of all the additional artwork created.

The result is loads of artwork for the price and reward of a single commissioned illustration.

His latest project will be creating 50 fantasy characters and creatures through Kickstarter.
He will alternate between randomly selecting backer submissions and choosing those that really inspire him.
That will happen only after illustrating ideas from those who chose the guaranteed backer level.

Every stock illustration created through this project comes with a very generous commercial license.
The artwork may be used indefinitely.
It may be cropped, flipped, or colored.
The signature mark must remain in its original orientation.
Products must credit ‘Jeshields’ for any commercial use.

The only restrictions are the following:
May not be used in products sold primarily for artistic value. (Stock art, tokens, posters, etc)
May not be used in sexually explicit works, nor those that propagate racist or sexist ideas.

In addition to creating for independent game developers, he will be formatting the artwork into printable miniature templates.
These may be used for personal use only, with the exception of business owners who wish to use them to demonstrate games.

If a gamer ever wanted to get their favorite character printed in a published roleplaying product, this would be the perfect opportunity.

This Kickstarter Project will run until midnight on Halloween, but he’s releasing additional artwork for earlier support goals. Join early and start making your voice heard.

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Posted by Polar_Bear

Giant robot alert!
We have a giant robot alert!
You probably know I’ve got a weakness for giant robots. Well, in Defend Neo Tokyo, you and your friends jump into the cockpit of giant robots and look to protect the city against the various monsters that are always drawn towards it. And it’s not because they want a nice bowl of ramen. No, you must defend the city against imminent destruction. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Defend Neo Tokyo is a cooperative game of rescue, heroism, and survival for 2 to 5 players. Inspired by our love of movies like Pacific Rim, Robotech, and Robot Jox, “Defend Neo Tokyo” is a game where you are placed in the cockpit of a giant fighting Mech. The base game will come with two monster sets: Giant Radiation Beasts and Sea Monsters.

While fighting the “Radiation Beasts,” you’ll find yourself fighting against giant irradiated monsters, rampaging through Neo Tokyo, focused on nothing but destruction.
When fighting the “Sea Monsters,” you will fight giant, mutated monsters of the deep, who are trying to flood the city and use it as a spawning ground.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It’s set to go for another 29 days.


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Posted by Polar_Bear

Raise your hand if you’ve seen that old Sleepy Hollow cartoon about a million times and it freaked you out as a kid? *raises hand*
Yeah, just as I thought. And this is certainly the time of year for it, being October and all. Well, how many of you would also like to know what happened after the incident at the covered bridge? I know I would. Thankfully, Renegade Game Studios is here to help. They’re letting us know in Legends of Sleepy Hollow, a new cooperative board game up on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Legends of Sleepy Hollow is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players, designed by Ben Pinchback & Matt Riddle (Fleet, Wasteland Express Delivery Service), and illustrated by Hugo award-winning artist Abigail Larson, with Colin Chan and Ksenia Svincova.

In Legends of Sleepy Hollow, players take on the roles of four residents of Tarry Town — undertaker Jeremiah Pincke, Revolutionary War veteran Matthias Geroux, minister Elijah Kappel, and tanner Emily Van Winkle — in a cooperative, miniatures-based campaign game full of secrets and twists. During the game, players will use their action pool to move around the evocative maps, investigate mysteries, interact with their environment, and unleash powerful attacks and abilities unique to each character. Once selected, however, these abilities will be unavailable until that character’s action pool has emptied — a process that becomes more challenging as that character gains fear.

The campaign’s around 3/4 of the way to its goal with 23 days left to go.


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Posted by Polar_Bear

It would seem as though Death has decided the Earth’s just done. Like, completely. So they’ve stripped all the gods of their immortality and are going to end things. However, the gods aren’t taking all this sitting down. They’ve banded together and are look for a way to stop Death’s plan. That’s where you come in in Mortals: Descent of the Gods, a new cooperative board game that’s up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Mortals: Descent of the Gods is a cooperative battle-arena board game set in a museum in modern times. You and your friends play as Greek, Norse, and Egyptian gods that have been made Mortal by Death himself. Now, with the world coming to an end, you and your fellow once-gods are being called out of ambiguity to fight Death and unlock his secrets within the walls of this museum. Can you halt the engine of Earth’s destruction?

The campaign’s roughly 2/3 funded with still 34 days left to go.


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Posted by Polar_Bear

Just yesterday, I was talking with my friend about a game and a rules question came up. We didn’t have the rulebook on hand, but we did have a digital version of it. So looking up the rule was super-easy. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love flipping through a rulebook, but having a digital version is also pretty damn handy. Well, for those that want Broken Promises, the Malifaux book, in PDF, you can now get it.

From the announcement:

After a year of chaos and fighting, the new Governor-General has finally forced the city into an uneasy peace. His predecessor might have stopped there, content with the illusion of control, but Franco Marlow has bigger plans. Under his leadership, the Guild has tightened its iron grip on Malifaux City, and the Masters of the Guild have but one choice: obey his commands or suffer the consequences.

Divided by their own internal conflicts, the other factions of Malifaux have been unable to stop him. Distrust spreads like wildfire through the Arcanists, Nephilim slaughter Nephilim beneath the dark boughs of the forest, and the agents of the Ten Thunders murder each other in the streets.

Everywhere, promises are broken and loyalties are tested, and only one thing is certain: nothing will ever be the same again.


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Tea. It’s possibly the most popular drink in the world (even though I don’t really like it. But who cares about what I like in beverages?). It’s especially popular in East Frisia, a small, German Village on the North Sea. And it’s a major new good you’ll be able to get in Tea & Trade, the new expansion coming for Fields of Arle from Z-Man Games.

From the announcement:

It’s always tea time in East Frisia. No one in the world drinks as much tea as the people of this small German region bordering the North Sea. Tea is so popular in the region that the locals have defied the efforts of rulers who have tried to replace it with local beverages like beer.

Soon you’ll be able to bring the national beverage of East Frisia to your games of Fields of Arle. Z-Man Games is happy to announce the Tea & Trade expansion for the Uwe Rosenberg game of working the land in Northern Germany!


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Last month, we shared the news that Riot Games is supporting digital literacy by matching 25% of sales of Championship Ashe and Championship Ward to create a charity fund that will benefit the Raspberry Pi Foundation and two other charities.

Raspberry Pi League of Legends Championship Ashe Riot Games

Riot Games and CoderDojo

CoderDojo and Riot Games have been developing the most glorious of relationships for some time now. Nuala, CoderDojo’s Communications & Community Engagement Lead, explains:

“We’ve been partners with Riot Games for well over a year: together we ran a 24-hackathon at their Dublin office, where Riot games staff members gave their time to develop content for Dojos and to improve our platform; a Dojo regularly runs in their office to support local children to learn coding skills; they’ve also worked closely with us to support Coolest Projects.”

With CoderDojo now part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation family, we’re excited to see where this growing relationship will go.

Vote for the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Riot Games is now calling for all League of Legends players to vote for their favourite charity — the winning organisation will receive 50% of the total fund.

By visiting the ‘Vote for charity’ tab in-client, you’ll be able to choose between the Raspberry Pi Foundation, BasicNeeds, and Learning Equality.

Players can vote only once, and your vote will be multiplied based on your honour level. Voting ends on 5 November 2017 at 11:59pm PT.

League of Legends with Riot Gaming

In honour of the Riot Games Charity Fund vote, and to support the work of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, KimmieRiot and M0RGZ of top female eSports organisation Riot Gaming (no relation to Riot Games) will run a four-hour League of Legends live-stream this Saturday, 21 October, from 6pm to 10pm BST.

Playing as Championship Ashe, they’ll be streaming live to Twitch, and you’re all invited to join in the fun. I’ll be making an appearance in the chat box as RaspberryPiFoundation, and will be giving away some free T-shirts and stickers during the event — make sure to tune in to the conversation.

In a wonderful gesture, Riot Gaming will pass on all donations made to their channel during the live-stream to us. These funds will directly aid the ongoing charitable work of Raspberry Pi and our computing education programmes like CoderDojo.

Make sure to follow Riot Gaming, and activate notifications so you don’t miss the event!

We’re blushing

Thank you to everyone who buys Championship Ashe and Championship Ward, and to all of you who vote for us. We’re honoured to be one of the three charities selected to benefit from the Riot Games Charity Fund.

And a huge thank you to Riot Gaming for organising an evening of Raspberry Pi and League of Legends. We can’t wait!

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The Official Software

Oct. 18th, 2017 10:30 am
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At the very beginning of my career, I was a junior programmer on a team that developed software to control an electronics test station, used to diagnose problems with assorted components of jet fighters. Part of my job was the requisite grunt work of doing the build, which entailed a compile-script, and the very manual procedure of putting all the necessary stuff onto a boot-loader tape to be used to build the 24 inch distribution disk arrays.

An unspooled magnetic tape for data storagesource

This procedure ran painfully slowly; it took about 11 hours to dump a little more than 2 MB from the tape onto the target disk, and nobody could tell me why. All they knew was that the official software had to be used to load the bootstrap routine, and then the file dumps.

After killing 11 hour days with the machine for several months, I had had it; I didn't get my MS to babysit some machine. I tracked down the source to the boot loader software, learned the assembly language in which it was written and slogged through it to find the problem.

The cause was that it was checking for 13 devices that could theoretically be hooked up to the system, only one of which could actually be plugged in at any given time. The remaining checks simply timed out. Compounding that was the code that copied the files from the tape to the disk. It was your basic poorly written file copy routine that we all learn not to do in CS-102:

    // pseudo code
    for each byte in the file
        read next byte from tape
        write one byte to disk

Naturally, this made for lots of unnecessary platter-rotation; even at over 3,000 RPM, it took many hours to copy a couple MB from tape to the disk.

I took a copy of the source, changed the device scanning routine to always scan for the device we used first, and skip the others, and do a much more efficient full-buffer-at-a-time data write. This shortened the procedure to a very tolerable few minutes. The correctness was verified by building one disk using each boot loader and comparing them, bit by bit.

Officially, I was not allowed to use this tape because it wasn't sanctioned software, but my boss looked the other way because it saved a lot of time.

This worked without a hitch for two years, until my boss left the company and another guy was put in charge of my team.

The first thing he did was confiscate and delete my version of the software, insisting that we use only the official version. At that time, our first kid was ready to arrive, and I really didn't want to stay several hours late twice a week for no good reason. Given the choice of helping take care of my wife/kid or babysitting an artificially slow process, I chose to change jobs.

That manager forced the next guy to use the official software for the next seven years, until the company went out of business.

[Advertisement] Release! is a light card game about software and the people who make it. Play with 2-5 people, or up to 10 with two copies - only $9.95 shipped!
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The next book release is now available for the Tails of Equestria RPG. It’s the Bestiary of Equestria and it details many of the fantastic creatures that inhabit the world. Not only that, but there’s also rules for allowing the first-ever non-pony player characters. Maybe you’d prefer to start out as a buffalo or dragon or griffon. River Horse has it now for non-North American residents. We’ll have to still wait a bit for Ninja Division to get it to us here in the States (and Canada) … *wants my new book, damnit!!*

From the release:

Welcome to The Bestiary of Equestria!

Within the book lies a wealth of information about the fantastical creatures and characters of Equestria! For use with Tails of Equestria, this bestiary will help you tell fantastic adventure stories and fill the world with all sorts of beasts and monsters.

Every adventure needs characters, and this book will help you out whether you are a player or a GM. There are dozens of new creatures from all over Equestria, and even some from beneath and above it! Some of these creatures are beastly, some are unique characters, and some are races that players may want to pick when creating their character.

Included in The Bestiary of Equestria are rules for six new playable races, allowing for players to pick the following non-pony characters:

Majestic Griffons.
Fearsome fire-breathing Dragons.
Proud Buffalo.
Curious and cunning Diamond Dogs.
Wondrously powerful Changelings.
Wise, ancient Crystal Ponies.

From adorable to terrifying, the bestiary contains details and stats for all sorts of creatures. This will add a huge amount of depth and variety to the types of encounters the players will face.

As well as monsters, you’ll find details on the friendly, familiar faces of Friendship is Magic. From Big Mac to DJ Pon-3, Scootaloo to Flurry Heart, and many more!

Lots of new creatures means plenty of new powers, magic, and special abilities. The unique and often dangerous creatures of Equestria are equipped with many Talents and Quirks, which are detailed in the bestiary. Some of these new Talents can even be gained by Pony Characters when they level up!

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DGS Games is working hard on Freeblades, their fantasy miniatures game. They’ve got quite a things they’ve been working on, including a new hire in the form of Matt Gooch. They’re also going to be releasing the first of a new faction, the Mershael. You can soon pick up the new figure, the Takar Hunter/Takar Lookout. Check out all the cool things going on with this update.

From the announcement:

October 23rd sees the release of a new model for the Freeblades range, The Takar Hunter! Hailing from the mysterious land of Mershael, these expert swordsman and falconers will soon be finding their way into Freebands all over Faelon.

“An elite cadre stands watch over the frontiers of the Shrouded Kingdom. These men and women, the Takar Hunters, are scouts and falconers of the first order. No enemy can remain hidden from them for long. Their eagles range far ahead, revealing and marking foes. These raptors then return to fight alongside their masters, who are fair warriors in their own right.”

Now we know that you love options, so we’ve given them to you! When you buy the Takar Hunter, you also have the option of building the Takar Lookout!

“Takar Lookouts man the Amakir, or border castles, of the Kingdom of Mershael. They have many duties as part of the guard that protects the frontier and the most promising are eventually raised to the rank of Hunter and learn the ways of Taumari and Eagle.”

This exciting new release from DGS Games for their Freeblades line is the first Mershael Faction release (find out more about them at http://www.dgsgames.com/faelon/factions/mershael/) and comes with the pieces to make either The Takar Hunter, who is an ally hero, or the Takar Lookout, which is an ally follower.

Both the Hunter and the Lookout can join any Freeband, giving you even more options for your games of Freeblades!



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